Robert, Army National Guard, Navy

December 2013 Class

Age: 49                                                                       Years in Service:      24 Years        Rank: E8

Served in:  Afghanistan, Iraq

My Family:

I was born and raised in Southern Louisiana and South Central Mississippi and am happy to have a big, loving family.  My wife of twenty-four years has been a huge support system throughout my career and my life.  I have three wonderful children, Margaret, Catherine and little Robert.  We live for each day and it is obvious that loves rules the house.  

My Career:

I served five years active duty Navy and the remainder in the Mississippi Army National Guard.  Over my twenty-four years of service, I worked with twenty-five countries and deployed twelve times.  I have been to the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan and many other places good and bad.  My last duties were as a Mobility Senior Supervisor, coordinating air, land and sea movements for Afghan Theatre.

While deployed in 2008, I broke my back but it was not diagnosed until seven months later.  Ten months after that, I was back in Afghanistan and I slipped down a set of cement steps while wearing full battle gear with body armor.  I was transported out of the country due to the extensive damage to my vertebrae.  I have also had four concussions which I attribute to some of my current memory issues.

About PTSD:  

Having PTSD has caused me to become a shut-in.  I do not go out unless my wife or children go with me.  I can’t handle large crowds without my circle of support.  I am hoping my new service dog, Cowboy, will help me become more independent.  I truly believe he will give me the support and confidence I need to get out and about.  I know people are skeptics, but don’t dismiss the possibility of what these animals can bring to your life.

Looking forward to:  

It’s hard to set goals for myself, I need to heal first.  Gaining control of my pain in my left leg and lower back is my top priority.  I miss serving my country and the esprit de corps of the uniform.  I would love to have the opportunity to have that again, or at least something similar.  Once I am on the right path, I would love to become a useful part of the community. 

About Cowboy:

Name: Cowboy

Breed: Malinois/Lab mix

Cowboy is a 2 year old Malinois/Lab mix. He was rescued from Jacksonville ACPS.  Cowboy is a very sweet, mellow dog who loves to relax and be loved. He is still a little skinny but will gain weight quickly during training!

Team Updates

Embedded thumbnail for Meeting a Stranger
It is the final day for Robert and Cowboy which is testing day. During the test, Cowboy is asked to perform all his obedience skills he has learned since working with Robert. Cowboy did best at cover and meeting a stranger! Way to go Cowboy!Read More >>