Joe, United States Army

Paired with: Mave

Served In: Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany 


“Service dogs are very therapeutic. I already feel better and more positive,” said Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joe. “With Mave I am able to focus on the now, instead of worrying about the past or the future.”

Joe, a 14-year-veteran, was paired with Mave, a one-year-old Weimaraner trained by Warriors’ Best Friend. Since placement with Mave, Joe has already seen a change in himself and his view on life. Joe said, “I look forward to being able to do something as simple as go out in public on my own. Mave gives me a sense of freedom. She allows me to leave the home and feel safe knowing my buddy is by his side.”

Joe, who grew up in Alabama, enlisted in the Army as a Calvary Scout, which he was for seven years. He then served as a Chinook pilot for another seven years. Some of the places he served included Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. He enjoyed being a pilot as well as the time spent in Germany for its architecture and culture.

He is currently a biologist with the federal government. He is looking forward to retirement in the next 10-12 years, in which he can spend most of his time outdoors with his family and pets. So far, Mave has done wonderful with Joe’s two Dachshunds, cat and three Cockatiel birds.

Enjoying local festivals and farmers’ markets as well as hiking and being outdoors are the things Joe is looking forward to the most with Mave. “Mave gives me a purpose and mission with a new buddy,” said Joe. He also looks forward to having her at work with him—giving him a sense of confidence and keeping the mood positive even if it’s a stressful day.  

Team Updates

Mave and Joe take a break during a training session. It is clear they are in the process of creating a strong bond with one another.Read More >>
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Mave has been paired with Joe. Together they start the journey of creating a bond they will rely on going towards the future.Read More >>