Helping Students in Crisis


Operation Schoolhouse provides trained canines to schools to help calm and support students who have experienced trauma, are in crisis, or who have special needs. Our dogs with school professionals who are able to use the dog in the school setting to help:



  • Relieve Students Stress
  • Help Improve Reading Skills
  • Increase Academic Scores
  • Increase Attendance
  • Create a calm environment where students feel safe, accepted and loved


Our Canines Provide:

  • In-classroom Positive Interactions
  • Comfort strategies for anxiety & emotional distress
  • Trauma-sensitive interactions
  • Grief support
  • Socialization and language development for students with Autism or intellectual disabilities
  • Culture-building impact
  • Joy & happiness



Based on what we see first-hand at Warriors’ Best Friend Foundation, and what we know from the data and research, integrating trained facility canines into the learning environment can help children learn and practice important social-emotional skills and contribute to a more positive and constructive learning environment that can lead to improved attendance and academic performance.

The research in mental health confirms the following positive outcomes:

Students and Dog

  • Decreases isolation, loneliness, depression, and causes many to feel calm
  • Provides comfort, lowers anxiety, and decreases agitation
  • Diminishes emotional pain
  • Petting produces an automatic relaxation response and stabilizes blood pressure
  • Increases socialization and encourages communication
  • Increase focus
  • Allows for environmental reorientation
  • Enhances movement within the environment
  • Creates an atmosphere where both the students and the facility animal can thrive symbiotically


Definition of Facility Dog:

Facility dogs are professional, full-time canines that have been specially trained for their roles. Unlike therapy dogs that perform weekly visits with their owner volunteering their support where it’s needed, facility dogs are employed to accompany a human professional full-time in their day-to-day work. They offer both mental and physical benefits covering several psychological disorders, including anxiety disorder, autism, PTSD, ADHD, depression and other emotional challenges. The simple act of petting an animal releases an automatic relaxation response. This response releases hormones that playa part in elevating our moods


To learn more or if interested in acquiring a facility dog for your school contact Joe Jeffers, Executive Director, at!