Q.   How is my involvement in the free Warrior's Best Friend web site helping disabled military veterans?
A. By following the warriors and canines profiled on this site, you are voicing your support for the idea that our Wounded Warriors should return to civilian life with dignity and independence. You can send messages of support to Teams or share their journey with family and friends. They fought for our tomorrows, we will fight for theirs. 

Q. Why are service canines such great partners for our Wounded Warriors?
A. Service canines are a medically proven recovery aid for our warriors suffering from the loss of limbs, TBI, and PTSD. Service canines are considered medical equipment and are recognized by the U. S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and the American disability act of 1990.

Q. Tell me more about the training process and how service canines are paired with Wounded Warriors.
A. At Warriors' Best Friend, veterans are highly involved in the development of their new service canine partner. In fact, veterans get the opportunity to be part of the solution to their recovery. Each warrior receives nine days of intense training where they learn the skills needed to handle their service canine in all public situations. 

Q. How many Warrior / Canine teams take part in each class?
A. At this time, classes are limited to three to five warriors in each session, but plans to expand the facility are underway.

Q. What else can I do to support Warrior / Canine teams and help shorten the waiting list for Wounded Warriors who need the support of trained dogs?
A. Be sure to spread the word about Warriors’ Best Friend and the Warrior / Canine team that you follow. Tell your friends and family about the site and share your warrior / canine profiles and update posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The more people made aware of this worthy cause, the more everyone will rally to support it. 

Warriors' Best Friend is always excited to add new members to the Warriors' Best Friend Team passionate about supporting homeless dogs and wounded warriors. If you would like to volunteer with Warriors' Best Friend submit the volunteer application that can be found under the "Support" tab.