Foster a Service or Facility Dog in Training!

Through providing critically needed service and facility dogs, one of Warriors' Best Friends goals is to help raise awareness the potential and wonderful qualities a shelter animal possesses. Most animals that are brought into the shelter have been rescued from an unfit home, found wondering the streets or were relinquished by their owner. Unfortunately many shelters are at capacity and there are more animals coming in than there are homes that welcome these pets in. 

It is not uncommon when adopting a shelter animal to know little about their history including where they came from and what their living situation was like. Though our trainer is great at spotting service potential in our dogs in training, the dogs personality is much different outside a shelter environment.  Many behavioral issues we see do not surface until a few weeks to a month after their adoption into the program.  The most common issue we face is lack of confidence and socialization. For this reason, we are seeking individuals who are interested in opening their homes to our dogs-in-training to help socialize and facilitate positive human-dog interactions! 


What are the requirements to become a WBF foster?

  • Foster parents must be at least 18 years of age
  • You may only be housing one personal dog aside from a foster dog. Cats are okay.
  • A Foster Application must be submitted and approved
  • Foster parents must agree and sign our Foster Care Contract
  • Foster parents must have an interest and willingness to keep up with their foster dogs training. The foster parent may need to complete a one on one mini training session with a wbf trainer to learn basic behaviors that you must enforce in your home.
  • Foster parents must provide a safe and loving home while the foster dog is in their care

Foster Sign-Up

Foster FAQS


To learn more about fostering opportunities, please email us at!