Host Family Program!

Warriors’ Best Friend trainers are very selective in their evaluation process when seeking dogs for the training program. There are times we will find a perfect candidate at the shelter but, unfortunately, do not have a kennel open at that time to take them in. For this reason, we created a Host Family program that would allow us to pull these dogs from the shelter and provide them with temporary care before coming to our campus.

We are looking for local host families that are committed to providing our facility dog candidates a safe home for 1-2 weeks until a space becomes available for them at our training facility. Our dedicated foster families provide our dogs with the love and proper care they deserve as well as socialization opportunities! 

WBF foster families play a vital role in the success of our dog’s future as a WBF Facility Dog! If you are interested in becoming a Host Family apply today! 


What are the requirements to become a WBF foster?

  • Foster parents must be at least 21 years of age
  • Ideally, no other pets in the home
  • Ideally, someone who is home full time
  • Must reside within 10-15 miles of Liberty, Missouri
  • Must be comfortable hosting a dog that may not be fully potty trained
  • A Foster Application must be submitted and approved
  • Foster parents must agree and sign our Foster Care Contract
  • Foster parents must provide a safe and loving home while the foster dog is in their care


WBF will provide:

  • Veterinary expenses
  • Dog care items including: bowls, leash and collar, and crate if needed
  • Dog Food



To learn more about fostering opportunities, please email us at!