About Ginger:

Service Rank: E4
Age: 29
Years of Service: 3
Served in: Iraq

Looking forward to: 

I am most looking forward to gaining security and a new found independence.  I plan to go running, hiking, swimming and lots of other activities I avoided before.  I would also like to try freelance writing.

Warriors Story:

Growing up my family was very distant.  My father, along with my grandmother who raised me passed away.  I have one brother in Idaho and a sister who lives in Wisconsin.  My mother was incompetent and as an adult, I have had to support her.  A total role- reversal. I eventually got married and had a wonderful three year old son.  Unfortunately, my husband was unfaithful and divorce is imminent.  I joined the US Army in 2007 as part of the 10th MTN Division, Ft. Drum.  I went on to serve 15 months in IRAQ.  While there, I worked as a truck driver, a female search guard (tower & ammo) and a squad leader.  I received an honorable discharge in 2009 and have since attended Syracuse University.  I expect to receive my B.S. Degree in Bio Engineering in December 2013.

About PTSD: 

Avoidance and isolation makes you feel safe but can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It eventually intensifies your fear which fuels your PTSD.  Also, you can never heal if you cannot control your behavior.

About Duke:

Duke is a male chocolate lab, approximately 2 years in age. He came through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida as an owner surrender. Duke had been left out in the yard and abandoned by his previous owners. He was severely emaciated and dehydrated when he came to us. Now he is a big, healthy boy, weighing in at over 80 lbs. He is an active dog who loves to work, and his always ready attitude make him a great service dog.



Team Updates

Embedded thumbnail for Ginger's Inteview Part 2
Ginger shares her plans for what she will be doing when she gets home. She has already arranged for Duke to come to work with her every day and plans to run with him at least twice a week. She also reaches out to those who have PTSD and are seeking help, and discusses how this program could change their lives if it's something they want to commit to.Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Ginger's Inteview Part 1
Ginger talks about her life before joining the program. She describes what it was like living on site for three weeks while completing the program and how welcoming and friendly the environment was.Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Graduation Day!
Ginger receives her certification for successfully completing the program. The volunteer's are sad to see Duke go because he was one of their favorites.Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Duke visits the gator farm
Duke had a hard time making friends at the gator farm today but still had fun. At the feeding show the Gators began to thrash around fighting over food, which got Duke a little too worked up. The alligators and giant birds definitely got the best of him today.Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Off we go to Shop
Duke was being put to the test in public today. He was tested to see how he would behave and work for his owner without getting side tracked with his surroundings. He was also worked through his fear of bikes.Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Ginger and Duke
Ginger and Duke bond right from the start. Duke is almost as big as her but that seems to be no issue for her. He has the perfect amount of energy for her active lifestyle.Read More >>