About Chris:

Service Rank: E5 Sgt.
Age: 27
Years of Service: 3
Served in: Iraq and Afghanistan

Looking forward to: 

Helping other veterans by opening a homeless shelter and living a normal life with my wife and kids.

Warriors Story:

I grew up part of a really big family in Bogalusa, LA.  I was a very happy kid.  I enjoyed sports, I played basketball, football and baseball.  I joined JROTC in high school as part of the rifle team, which led to my decision to join the Army.  Three months after graduation, I started my military adventure in Ft. Drum, NY (The 10th Mountain Division, Climb to Glory!)     

I served over three years in the Army as part of the Airborne Infantry.  I was required to complete a lot of training, in many locations.  I eventually deployed two times.  The first was in 2004 to the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, then again in 2005 to Iraq.  The long hours and intense heat were grueling and psychologically draining.  But as an Infantryman, my job was to be ready to defend our country.

I received many awards for my tour and in some ways I consider myself lucky that all of my war wounds are invisible.  I am now a 100% disabled veteran with PTSD.  I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, extreme nightmares, loss of appetite and depression.  I know a service animal will be hard work and a big responsibility.  It will not be a cure all, but I know it is a step in the right direction to help me take back my independence.  

About Seal:

Seal is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever.  At only 8 months old, he is one of the youngest dogs to make it through the program.  Seal was surrendered by his owner, a college student who didn’t have enough time for a new puppy and school. Seal is now a loved member of the family.


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