Coyote is almost 2 years old. He came from Putnam County Animal Control. His original owner was an elderly man who couldn't handle all of Coyote's puppy energy. He was forced to surrender Coyote to animal control after Coyote jumped on him and knocked him into a water trough, almost drowning him. He was evaluated for the program. His sweet nature and willingness to learn and please made him a great candidate for a service dog. Coyote has matured a lot and has learned an appropriate outlet for his energy - serving his warrior. Coyote has become an exceptional service dog who loves his job and his warrior. His happy face says it all!

Dog Updates

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Coyote is put to the test when he was put into a long down stay while his owner, Kevin, dropped the leash and walked away. The tempting part of this exercise is there are four other dogs being called to their owners at the same time and all of them have treats!Read More >>
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Kevin meets his dog for the first time today. Coyote is a beautiful lab who is full of energy and wants and owner who will give him a lot of attention. Kevin fell in love with his dog the second he stepped out of the kennel!Read More >>

Our Other Dogs

Charlie was purchased from a puppy store when he was 8 weeks old by a family that was told he would be a small dog.

Meet Charlie Brown!  He is a 1 1/2-year-old Boxer/ Mastiff Mix.  When our trainer set out to find another dog for the program, Charlie Brown instantly caught her eye!

Chester is a two year old yellow lab. He came from a local rescue shelter.

Chinook is a 9 month old female black lab mix. She was found as a young puppy abandoned on the streets with her sister, Onyx.

Breed: Beagle/Aussie mix

Facility Placement: Rose Brooks Center

My buddy and my service dog, Cooper was one day from being put down at a shelter.

Cowboy is a 2 year old Malinois/Lab mix.  Cowboy is a very sweet, mellow dog who loves to relax and be loved. He is still a little skinny but will gain weight quickly during training!

Daisy May is a 1.5 year old Great Pyrenees/mix rescued through Independence Animal Shelter. She is a charmer! Everyone she meets are instantly drawn in by her beautiful looks and quirky personality!