Embedded thumbnail for Kevin's Interview Part One
Kevin tells about what first got him into the navy. He continues on with his interview talking about Coyote and how he has grown on him. At first Kevin was a little apprehensive about his new dog but after spending three weeks with his new friend, he cannot wait to take him home and start a new life together!Read More >>
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Coyote and Kevin spent the day touring St Augustine. Kevin enjoyed exploring the Castillo De San Marcos Fort while Coyote's favorite part was the attention he was receiving from all the tourists.Read More >>
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Coyote is put to the test when he was put into a long down stay while his owner, Kevin, dropped the leash and walked away. The tempting part of this exercise is there are four other dogs being called to their owners at the same time and all of them have treats!Read More >>
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Kevin meets his dog for the first time today. Coyote is a beautiful lab who is full of energy and wants and owner who will give him a lot of attention. Kevin fell in love with his dog the second he stepped out of the kennel!Read More >>