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Darren opens up about how PTSD has personally effected him and reaches out to others who might be struggling with this as well, letting them know they are not alone and there is help for them. Darren shares his plans as well with Buddy after he returns home.Read More >>
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Darren shares what his expectations were coming into the program and how he felt about the program. Also, he tells a little about what makes Buddy special and how he helps him when in stressful situations.Read More >>
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Buddy and Darren spend a beautiful day visiting St. Augustine. It was more crowded than usual which made them both a little on edge, but buddy was there to comfort Darren! They make an excellent team!Read More >>
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Buddy visits the mall and trains with Darren. Buddy learns how to walk up the stairs but at his owners pace. Most dogs are confused at first when on the second or third floor and look through the glass realizing that their is not a place for them to walk on. Buddy took longer than most to get over his fear but felt comfort when leaning into his dad.Read More >>
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Darren Meets Buddy for the first time and they instantly connect. Darren has a lot of love to give and Buddy cannot wait to get all that attention from his new dad.Read More >>