Embedded thumbnail for Ryan's Interview Part Two
Ryan reflects on his experiences while completing the program with Moe. He tells some of his plans he hopes to get to when he returns home and his family is very excited to add a new member!Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Ryan's Interview Part One
Ryan was not sure what to expect upon arrival. He shares what it is about Moe that he loves the most. Just having Moe there by his side comforts Ryan and lets him know everything will be ok.Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Moe Vistis St Augustine with Dad
Moe and Ryan visit some of the most historical spots in St Augustine including the Castillo De San Marcos Fort and what is now the Flagler College. With every fun day out exploring, they must always make time to work with their dogs. Moe focuses on the commands down stay and come.Read More >>
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Moe works on the cover command and is tested to see how he reacts to tight spaces. Moe is a wiggle worm so every position his dad puts him he hops into. Moe wants nothing more than to please his dad and get love in return.Read More >>
Embedded thumbnail for Moe Perfects his Down-Stay
Ryan and Moe visit the St Johns Town Center where Moe learns the command down stay. Ryan left Moe in a down stay and walked a comfortable distance from him to see if Moe would break his down. Moe did great and Ryan was one proud dad.Read More >>
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Ryan and Moe take a trip to the sports store where Moe was put the hardest test; leaving the ball alone while they bounce it in front of him in an attempt to get him to go after the ball. Moe did awesome! He really wanted that ball but never left his spot next to his dad.Read More >>