My buddy and my service dog, Cooper was one day from being put down at a shelter. He was a stray that was rescued and donated to me through Explore.Org/DogBlessYouGrant Program to help me cope with day-to-day situations that “normal” people may take for granted. He does this through grounding and mindfulness techniques. Like Coop I was lost and alone, I believe this is why we have such a strong bond with each other. I too was lost and alone and we saved each other. Cooper will of course join me on our hike as I could not think of anyone else I would like to share this adventure with since he is my inspiration. Cooper Cam activate!!!

Our Other Dogs

Onyx is a 9 month old female black lab mix. She was found as a young puppy abandoned on the streets with her sister, Chinook. Both girls were nursed back to health in North Carolina.

Piper Renee is a one year old Boxer/Mix with a beautiful brindle coloring.

Pop is a 2 year old male lab mix. He was rescued and brought in for an evaluation. Pop gets his name from his tendency to spring into the air off all fours in his kennel.

Say hello to Princess! She is a sweet three-year-old Terrier/mix adopted from Great Plains SPCA.

Sadie is a 2 year old female yellow lab. She was surrendered by her owner and finally made it to us in Jacksonville. Sadie is a complete sweetheart and loves to give lots of kisses.

Shadow is a 2 1/2 year old female Beauceron mix. She was picked up by animal control and rescued by Pet Angel Rescue.  Shadow is a sweet and loving dog and is very responsive to her handler.

Tigger is a one year old Shepherd Mix.  He is 80lbs of pure love!  Tigger has such a beautiful and caring personality.  He always wants to be by your side and remind you he is there for you.

Torii is a 2 1/2 year old female lab mix. She was originally owned by a soldier who deployed and never came back for her.