Bentley is a spunky one year old labrador/retreiver mix! He was rescued from Kansas City Kansas Animal Services and adopted through the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. Since joining the Warriors' Best Friend family he has quickly wiggled his way into everyones hearts! Bentley has love for all living creatures big and small but his best friend is Cash!

Bentley is full of personality! When not training you will probably find him with a bowl in his mouth.  He loves to find things and carry them around but will kindly give them to the trainer when asked!  Bentley will do just about anyting for a treat!


Post Placement Update

Since completion of the Operation School House program, Bentley has moved on to serve the students of Liberty High School. He spends most of his time within the special education programs where he provides emotional support, instructional focus, a calming essence and the ability to regulate kids through their interactions. Bentley does not know a stranger! His handler, Dannie Ravenscraft with LHS Special Services, says "His upbeat personality is contagious - even students that are quiet and reserved can find joy in the simple act of petting a dog. Through the hallways, Bentley is always an all-star, as he tracks down pets and pats from anyone available." We look forward to watching the endless impact of his presence within LHS for years to come! 

Dog Updates

Here is a throw back photo of Bentley that is too cute not to share. Sometimes during training sessions, the dogs in training are allowed to pick out a special treat. Bentley said, "I'll take these please!"Read More >>

Our Other Dogs

Apache is a 16 month old male Red Heeler/Cattle Dog mix. He was adopted from Bradford County Animal Control as a young puppy.

Breed: Labrador/Rottweiler mix 

Facility Placement: Whiteman Airforce Base 

Serving: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office 

Breed: Retriever/Shepherd Mix 

Age:  1 year 

Shelter: Adopted from the Saline Animal League 

Hi my name is Batman!  I am a eleven month old Retriever Mix.  I was unfortunately brought to the shelter as an owner surrender but that's okay because I am getting an awesome new home!

Breed: Lab/mix

Facility Placement: Liberty High School

Serving: Counseling Department

Bosco is a one year old Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  We do have any information about Bosco’s background before he was brought to the shelter.

Buddy is a 2 year old male great dane/lab mix. He was donated by a family in Atlanta that had rescued him from the humane society and couldn't handle is strength and energy.

Charlie was purchased from a puppy store when he was 8 weeks old by a family that was told he would be a small dog.